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Search Engine Optimisation (seo)


Why is everyone talking about SEO?

An SEO campaign will shine a light on your website, in a busy and crowded online space and assist with gaining maximum exposure and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Essentially all search engines have a process they follow to rate and rank information, based on the keywords people use to search on.
Google is the most used search engine in Australia and it values good quality information. To keep things interesting, and all website owners in a state of curiosity, Google often changes its algorithms, the process it automatically applies to the search and presentation of information.

I have a website, do I really need SEO?

Much time and effort is dedicated to the process of creating a functional website that encapsulates a brand, and positively promotes products and services. It is often one of the first executed stages in a business’ online marketing strategy. However, left alone and untouched, a website is much like a box of business cards sitting in the stationery cupboard. Ineffective.

A customised SEO campaign is designed to optimise the content within your website, therefore making it more attractive to search engines. It is a refined process that requires knowledge and expertise of the processes used by search engines. A great deal of business owners do not have the time to dedicate to learning about SEO, or keeping up to date with the frequent changes and demands.

Search Engine Optimisation
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Why you can trust Entice

Entice Website Design is a boutique agency with skilled and dedicated staff who are ready to customise an SEO package to meet the individual needs of your business. We believe that no two businesses are alike, and therefore, no two SEO packages are alike. We take the time to get to know you, your business and sales goals, your business values and learn all about your products and services in order to tailor-make your SEO strategy.

Hiring a digital agency to take care of your online matters is a big investment in terms of money and trust. It is why we want to assure you that our credibility means everything to us. There are many sharks in the industry, it is our promise to you that we are not one of those firms. We care about the success of your business, just as much as we care about the success of ours.

We take pride in delivering an expert service, which offers you value for money and ultimately gains the results you are looking for……and maybe even more!

Our approach

Whilst we customise our service to meet the needs of your business, our developed five step SEO process will provide you with the best online results and make your website stand out on Google.


Run a website health check

We start by running a health check on your website to identify the areas requiring improvement. From here we will pinpoint technical on-page improvements, for example: making sure the page is structured correctly for efficient usability, checking the keywords are in the right place, and testing the loading speed of each page.

Research your target audience and get to know their online habits, behaviours and needs

Developing a knowledge of your target audience will assist with developing recommendations for a user-friendly experience including optimising navigation and usability.


Review your competitors and identify your edge

Getting to know the online presence of your competitors enables us to help you stand out from the crowd in a way that provides you with a competitive edge and will direct more traffic to your site.

Develop a strategy including a range of keyword recommendations

There a number of technical steps involved in this stage to customise your SEO strategy. Research effective keywords, content building, backlinks and an overall optimisation strategy.


Take action

Let the fun begin! We start by making changes to your website so you can achieve your goals. During this phase, we will test and trial a range of ideas, all communicated clearly to you in our action plan.

Analyse and Report the Data

As part of our transparent approach to SEO, we will provide you with a monthly report, detailing the actions we have taken, and the results that have been created.

Patience is required, as it can take several months before you see any major changes in terms of improvement in your online goals. But needless to say, we will be avidly watching your analytics, like an AFL fan watches the scoreboard of their favourite team, to make sure you keep kicking goals in your online strategy.

Are you ready to partner with a trustworthy agency, who is dedicated to achieving real results for their clients? Contact us today to get started with your online health check.


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