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Website speed

Website page loading speed

In a recent Google update, website speed is now being used as a factor to determine your overall Google rank. It is now more important than ever to ensure your site speed is better than your competitors.

We can often halve the page load time of an optimised site. We do this by investigating and tweaking more than a dozen facets of your website, including –

  • Image size & compression – we’ll optimise your images.
  • Javascript & stylesheet – file size, quantity & compression. We’ll amalgamate and compress your files.
  • Slow plugins
  • Server host speed – we’ll test and action if required.

Conversion optimisation

You’ve got just 3 seconds to capture the attention of potential visitors before they decide to click Back or to delve deeper into your website, so a well thought out plan for the design of your website’s pages is essential. Your pages must be structured in a way that helps to ‘channel’ your customers to take the next action – often being to call, message, or buy your products online.

Entice Website Design takes all of these factors into consideration when designing your website. We always avoid clutter and try to convey a single message and ‘call to action’ per page.

devour it catering website

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Some of our recent projects.

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NatureBuild web designer
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Optimisation for mobile devices

Smartphone optimised websites change their layout to best suit whatever device they are being viewed on. There’s no zooming in & out, and only the relevant information is presented to allow for the best user experience (also known as UX) on any given device. Sizes of images and other resources also need to be a consideration for mobile sites to ensure a fast loading site.

Read more about smartphone optimised sites.

Mobile website

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