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website reportIs your website performing as well as you'd hoped? Do you know what's holding it back?

Many times we are asked to tweak or improve the appearance of existing websites, or add a new component. What we often find when we start looking at the code, is a whole range of problems that are hindering not only the look and usability of the site, but also the performance. That is why we have developed our website health report. This report looks at many aspects of your site, to give you accurate recommendations and strategies to start making your website into a powerful marketing tool.

It is aimed to help business prioritise and better understand the changes and developments that may be required to get your site performing at its peak.

What we'll cover

Our website health check report will cover numerous aspects of your website, including -

  • Search Engine Optimisation check
  • Site Structure
  • User Experience & Design
  • Domain & Hosting location
  • Social Media
  • Website Functionality

We'll highlight any issues that are found on your site that could be limiting SEO, user experience, and conversions. Get your website back on track now, and give us a call.

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