Website speed

In a recent Google update, website speed is now being used as a factor to determine your overall Google rank. It is now more important than ever to ensure your site speed is better than your competitors.

We can often halve the page load time of an optimised site. We do this by investigating and tweaking more than a dozen facets of your website, including –

  • Image size & compression – we’ll optimise your images.
  • Javascript & stylesheet – file size, quantity & compression. We’ll amalgamate and compress your files.
  • Server host speed – we’ll test and action if required.

Designed to convert visitors

You’ve got just 3 seconds to capture the attention of potential visitors before they decide to click Back or to delve deeper into your website, so a well thought out plan for the design of your website’s pages is essential. Your pages must be structured in a way that helps to ‘channel’ your customers to take the next action – often being to call, message, or buy your products online.

Entice Website Design takes all of these factors into consideration when designing your website. We always avoid clutter and try to convey a single message and ‘call to action’ per page.

Smartphone Optimisation

Smartphone optimised websites change their layout to best suit whatever device they are being viewed on. There’s no zooming in & out, and only the relevant information is presented to allow for the best user experience (also known as UX) on any given device.

You’ll also notice that the main navigation menu is altered to be phone friendly, and phone numbers become links to call directly.

Read more about smartphone optimised sites.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Being found in Google search is critical for any business.

It’s one thing for people to directly enter your website address to get to your site, or to search for your business by its name, but another thing entirely for people to find you based on the services you offer. The latter is harder to achieve because competition is greater – there are likely many businesses that offer the same services as yours, all trying to get to page 1 in Google.

Entice will build (or alter), your website’s code and structure in a way recommended by Google, in order to improve your search rank. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation.


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  • "Amazing quality service. Frequent communication. Constantly keeping you up to date on the process. Reasonable cost for premium quality."

    Marmina Exercise & Nutrition | Michael Marmina

  • "Entice created for us a quoting & invoice expenditure management app, which has given us confidence in managing the expenditures accurate reporting. Always a pleasure to deal with!"

    Royadie Developments | David Lorimer - Project Manager

  • "We couldn’t be happier with the service and professional manner in which Entice have handled our account, and would have no problem recommending them for any web work someone needs."

    Natrad | Roy Lapedota - National Franchise Manager

  • "I approached Gavan with my concept for a website and from the beginning he understood and implemented everything perfectly. The end result is a visually stunning website that incorporates all features i had hoped for. If you have an idea and don't know where to start i suggest you get in contact with Entice. "

    Mosey Peninsula | Andrew Hodge

  • "We are delighted to recommend Entice to anyone who desires efficient, open thinking and a systematic approach to their web site build. We have no hesitation in recommending them."

    SDR Plumbing | Simon Ryan

Our clients

Some clients we have worked with -
  • Budget Avis
  • Natrad Nip into natrad
  • Oneplanet design
  • Whisky company website