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MAV Audio Visual web design

MAV recently underwent a website redesign in order to enhance its online presence and distinguish itself from its competitors. The redesign focused on incorporating a more modern design that would immediately catch the attention of visitors. Additionally, the redesign emphasized MAV’s state-wide presence, reinforcing this important aspect of the company’s identity.

Usability was also a major factor in the redesign, with an emphasis on making the range of services offered by MAV easier to understand for visitors. The visual design was cleaned up, creating a more visually appealing and streamlined experience for users. Furthermore, the redesign aimed to improve MAV’s search ranking, making it easier for potential customers to discover the company online.

The successful completion of the website redesign has given MAV a more professional and user-friendly online presence, setting the company apart from its competitors and attracting more customers.


Review from MAV

Entice have designed several websites for me. Competitive pricing and great value for money.
Has done an amazing job every time. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Frazer Watkins