Google Advertising (Adwords)

Google Adwords pay per click advertising is the most effective and targeted advertising mechanism available today. Given that more than 80% of people head to Google to find products and services, your ad will be seen by a vast number of potential customers.

How does Google Adwords work?

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is a Pay Per Click advertising mechanism. What this means is that it costs nothing to display your ad, and you only pay when someone clicks on it.

You have probably already noticed when you search for something on Google, there are ads shown at the top and down the right side. This is Google Adwords.

Where your ad is shown depends on your competition, and how much they are willing to spend. If for example, your competition is willing to pay $2 every time someone clicks on their ad, then you must bid $2.50 in order to get your ad above theirs.

If setup correctly, Google adwords can be extremely targeted. You can have your ad shown only when people search for particular words, and you can even show different ads depending on what was searched for. You can even restrict your ad from being shown to particular geographic regions. This way, you are not paying for clicks from people that are outside of your target customer base.

Google Adwords is very flexible, and keeps you in control of the cost. You set the daily or monthly spend

Entice Adwords Management

Entice will setup your advertising campaign to ensure you get maximum exposure and 'clicks' from your potential customers, whilst reducing unwanted clicks (and cost) from 'tyre kickers'.

Our Adwords campaign management includes -

  • Analysis of your business and advertising goals
  • Identification of the keywords your customers will use in Google searches
  • Setup of Google Adwords account
  • Creation of effective ad copy
  • Management of your bids and campaign budget
  • Alterations and tweaks as required to ensure ads remain effective
  • Real time campaign tuning and localised targeting
  • Monthly reporting

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