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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business are the business listings you see in a map at top of a search in Google. Todays’ customers commence their search for products and services to match their needs, wants or desires by first searching online. The latest online market research proves more consumers are searching for products and services using the location in their search term. Location based marketing is all about putting your business on the map, literally. With a carefully curated Google My Business account, your business will be showcased on Google Search and Google Maps, and is a fast way to get onto Page 1 of local Google search results.

Do I need Google My Business?

A Google My Business account allows your business greater exposure and uses its location to showcase your products and services. The examples to the left & above are two location-based searches: “Wineries in Red Hill” and “Builders in Bendigo”. Simply using these words in a Google Search presents clear visual options to the searcher. This map is where you want your business to be. Your business name, your business location – clearly identified on the map, making it easier for new and old customers to connect with you.

Google My Business Bendigo
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Build your online credibility with Google Reviews

Claiming your Google Business listing also allows you to respond to reviews submitted about your business.

Instead of relying on external sites to host your business reviews, your Google My Business listing will provide your customers with the opportunity to write reviews for your products, services and overall customer service. You also have the benefit of being able to respond to those reviews.

Developing consumer confidence in a busy online space seems like an impossible goal to achieve. Consumers are more likely to visit a business with positive reviews, so it makes sense to get started with building your online credibility as a trusted business via Google My Business.

Reviews also have the added benefit of improving your overall SEO and assist your search ranking on Google.

Put your business on the map – get started today!

Entice Website Design’s Google My Business service allows you to take advantage of the benefits of location-based marketing and will put your business on the map. Using Google My Business, combined with our ability to apply modern design principles and current SEO knowledge, our team will focus on boosting your overall ranking.

Our package starts with the creation of your Google My Business Account and Profile, including the set-up of your;

  • Logo
  • Business description
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Photos to showcase your business
  • Special offers and promotions

Once your account is established, you will have the ability to keep your Google My Business profile fresh and up-to-date by adding new photos and new information such as special offers, menu items and promotions, quickly and easily.

Our team will show you how.

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