Google are continually refining their search results page to help bring the most relevant results front and centre.

At the top – Google Adwords

Google Adwords

The top section shows 4x paid advertisements from the Google Adwords Search Network. Put simply, advertisers bid to have their ad placed for particular words, or keywords above the natural or organic search results. Those with the highest bid appear highest in the search results.

Next – local business listings

Google Places

The second section is for local business listings. Not all Google searches will show a map here – it will only be shown if Google determines that the search is relating to local services. To get your business showing up in this section requires a completed Google My Business listing and address contact details listed on your website

Lastly, organic search results

Organic listings

The bottom section of the Google search results page shows 10x organic (or free) search results listings. To get your business listed high in this section requires a number of steps, some of which include –

  • properly structured website,
  • the correct use of keywords throughout your site in titles, images, headers and content,
  • incoming links from other relevant websites,
  • good, well written unique content

If you’d like assistance in any of the above areas, please feel free to contact us below.


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